The Ongoing Conversation - Group Exhibition at 1646, The Hague, Netherlands - 2020

Despite the abundance of Earth-oil rigs in Western Asia, its products remain scarce and unattainable for many in the region. Many local distributors tend to dilute the heating fuel they sell with water to increase their profit margin. When burned during cold winters, this act of deception generates a widespread significant sound, iterating through the common metal cylindrical fireplace called (صوبيا - Sobia). A sign of both deceit and deficient warmth.

The work is a semi-automated sonic offering device that simulates the described sound repeatedly. On the metal plate written the locations of major fuel floods over water. With each drop, the written digits dissolve into the signal fluid. By calling the potential sonic powers of those grand fuel-water mixture events and transmitting the offering signal to the God whom it may concern, the installation presents itself as an instrument of modern metaphysics in despair.

Better Luck Next Time 
A Simple Fizz - Group Exhibition at Quartair, The Hague, Netherlands - 2020
Moussem Cities Damascus - KAAISTUDIO'S, Brussels, Belgium - 2019

104.5° is the angle formed in the water molecule, between the two hydrogens, and the oxygen H-O-H. The work manifests only by your presence within its outlines. The work is a temple. The work manifests only by its presence within your outlines. The work is a temple.

Moussem Cities Damascus - KAAISTUDIO'S, Brussels, Belgium - 2019

The water in the glass has come from the artist’s hometown. In times of sickness, his grandmother used to recite the words of a blessing over it, she believed it would then help heal his pain once consumed. Furthermore, few neighbours of those who sought its healing powers knew that the blessed liquid can last for lengthy periods of time, as a condensed syrup of bless, diluting it with more water whenever it’s about to run out.

 The voice of the artist whispers those same words of his grandmother, looping over the glass of water for the period of the exhibition. The water will be poured in the Mediterranean Sea; a body of water in which remnants of migrants have been dissolving on their way to the European safe space.


H2O, Solvent of Life

Stedelijk Museum, Give Us The Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands - June 2018

Chemists describe it as the universal solvent for its ability to dissolve many substances, this allows it to be the solvent of life. Of a solid, to be absorbed by a liquid, of a liquid, to absorb a solid. Dissolve two cups of science, one cup of faith and a spoon of history in warming water and stir slowly for a premium taste of truth.


Common Legacy/Disenchanted

Stedelijk Museum, Give Us The Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands - June 2018

The material of the work gathered quietly in a double white cube, sought a form that doesn’t perform any suspicious aesthetics. While performing escapism under the influence of neutrality, the value of the material purified of any unnecessary enchantments, filtered, flattened and juxta-equalized. Two basins next to one another in a glass container, filled with water from Syria and the Netherlands. While it was not possible to tell which is which under the neutral circumstances, the visitors were invited to stare at their faces reflected on the purified material on display.

Mission Nose Out, Beautiful Distress, Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2018

We are inevitably connected to the sun, we interact in our world influenced by it every day.

We shape and build our lives in the face of the sun, try to control its path around us, and choose to block it or open up for it.

Shapes of light and shadow, constantly shifting and changing, separated and intertwined.

A manifestation of our connection with the sun.

This is our Sunscape.


In collaboration with Dora Lionstone


Within A Wave
Artist in residence at KunstFaam - Schiermonnikoog, Netherlands - 2017
Self Portrait
Vantage Point 4, Sharjah Art Foundation - UAE, Sharjah - 2016



Group Exhibition

Damascus Historical Castle - Damascus, Syria - 2012

Group Exhibition

Graduation Project, Faculty Of Fine Arts - As Suwayda, Syria - 2012