Better Luck Next Time 
A Simple Fizz - Exhibition of MAR/KABK at Quartair, The Hague, Netherlands - 2020
The Breadth Of 104.5° Project


An ongoing series exploring and experimenting with water and notions that it associates - commencing from whether it emerges from a molecular level; to examining if the rationale is the only truth, or touches on cultural and spiritual outputs, extending further to the perceptions of reality that tend to intertwine with it. Where layers of meaning are constantly being created and modified, interwoven with the tools and technics of every age and reproducing its inexhaustible symbolism. It is in this realm of earthly and cosmic uncertainty where the project floats, highlighting and questioning the narratives of fiction, truth or what could be in between them.

Moussem Cities Damascus - KAAISTUDIO'S, Brussels, Belgium - 2019

104.5° is the angle formed in the water molecule, between the two hydrogen atoms, and the oxygen atom H-O-H.

Up to 60% of you is water.

The work is only manifested by your presense within its outlines.

The work is only manifested by its presense within your outlines.

Moussem Cities Damascus - KAAISTUDIO'SBrussels, Belgium - 2019

The water has come from the artist’s hometown where his grandmother used to recite a blessing over it before he consumed it in times of sickness. She believed that would heal his pain.

The audio is the artist's voice whispering the same words, looping over the water for the period of the exhibition. The water will be poured in the Mediterranean sea, where people have been and still drowning on their way to Europe.


H2O, Solvent of Life

Described as the universal solvent for its ability to dissolve many substances

This allows it to be the solvent of life.



GIVE US THE MUSEUM - Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2018 

sa mt. On Being Vertical Against Your Horizon - Virtual exhibition space - 2017

Common Legacy & H2O, Solvent Of Life

Stedelijk MuseumGive Us The Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands - June 2018

Common Legacy (Installation)

This work is inspired by the research on DNA Teleportation by Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier who based his theory on Jacques Benveniste's Water Memory. It is an invitation to breathe and rethink.

With scenes of purity and stillness, the elements gather quietly to emphasize the genuine value of what they are, what they hold within, and what they can be. Water from Syria and the Netherlands is the container of our existence, legacy, and memory.


H2O, Solvent of Life (Video art)

Described as the universal solvent for its ability dissolve many substances. This allows it to be the solvent of life.


Within A Wave
Artist in residence at KunstFaam - Schiermonnikoog, Netherlands - 2017

My traces are safe in there

My scratches are saved

I will be present until the last drop

Self Portrait
Vantage Point 4, Sharjah Art Foundation - UAE, Sharjah - 2016

The sea! What is it? What does it represent? How did all that change today?

What would change in me if such an essential element changes its meanings

and reveals it's unknown presence?

Mission Nose Out, Beautiful Distress, Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2018

We are inevitably connected to the sun, we interact in our world influenced by it every day.

We shape and build our lives in the face of the sun, try to control its path around us, and choose to block it or open up for it.

Shapes of light and shadow, constantly shifting and changing, separated and intertwined.

A manifestation of our connection with the sun.

This is our Sunscape.


In collaboration with Dora Lionstone


Melted Presence

Damascus Historical Castle - Damascus, Syria - 2012

Existential Dilemma

Graduation Project, Faculty Of Fine Arts - As Suwayda, Syria - 2012

Each artwork is an attempt to create an entity that doesn’t exist in our reality.

It’s trying to be something very familiar, very close to being that thing.

Yet, it still is its genuine self. Challenging our visual references.