Mazen Al Ashkar


I envisage my work in an open ended circumstantial trajectory, repeatedly shaped and reshaped; by passing through the myriad modes of thinking, sensing, empathizing through the body of the world, and by a continuous questioning of the shared humanist legacy of hierarchical binarism and human exceptionalism – their proliferations through histories, and their rendering and conditioning of my reality. Currently, playing with my new posthumanist umbrella, manoeuvring through the living structures AKA the legacy of humanism. At times, I find myself hanging on its boundaries, owning its territories or formulating temporal ones, at other times I try jumping over them, diluting or deconstructing them. All for fulfilling my existential authenticity and accepting the full weight of my freedom in light of the absurd  :-\

Based in Amsterdam, born in Syria in 1989, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University in 2013 and received an MFA in Artistic Research from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague in 2021.


Exhibition History


– “Graduation Show 2021”, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, Netherlands.

– “Sun Kissed // Fog Off”, Master Artistic Research at Quartair, The Hague, Netherlands.


– “Actuele Kunst In De Oude Bieb”, Utrecht Down Under, Utrecht, Netherlands.

– “See-Saw”, Just Shout #4, atelierroute Utrecht at 'de Kersenboomgaard' community, 

   studio number 12, Utrecht, Netherlands.

– “See-Saw”, Just Shout #3, Galerie 21, Vorwerkstift, Hamburg, Germany.

– “The Ongoing Conversation”, Master Artistic Research at 1646, The Hague, Netherlands.

– A Simple Fizz - Exhibition of MAR/KABK at Quartair, The Hague, Netherlands.


– "Ma'rad", Group exhibition, at 3&55 Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

– “Qala 0.8900”, Samt, Darat Al Funun, Group exhibition, Amman, Jordan. 

– “The Breadth of 104.5°”, Solo Presentation, Kaaistudio’s and Moussem Nomadic Arts Center, Moussem Cities: Damascus, Brussels, Belgium.


– "Window", Galerie De Vijf Ramen, Group exhibition , Arnhem, Netherlands.

– “Mission Nose Out”, Beautiful Distress, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

– “Give Us The Museum”, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

– “Sawt (2a): Qala 0.8900”, Samt, Grey Noise, Al Serkal Avenue, Dubai, UAE.


Samt “On Being Vertical Against Your Horizon”,


– Sharjah Art Foundation, “Vantage Point Sharjah 4” Sharjah, UAE.


– “The Youth Forum at Damascus Historical  Castle", The Ministry of Culture and Arts, Damascus, Syria.

– “Graduation 2012”, The Faculty of Fine Arts, Swaida, Syria.



AMARRE, residencies for artists in exile, Moussem Nomadic Arts Center, Brussels,  Belgium, June 2018.

Artist in residence, KunstFaam, Schiermonnikoog, Netherlands, March 2017.



Graphic designer, Dancing on the Edge, Amsterdam, 2019-present.

Graphic design and communication volunteer, Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam, 2018-2019.

Graphic design intern, Dietwee merk ontwerp communicatie, Utrecht, 2017-2018.

Graphic designer, Franklin Covey Middle East, Dubai, 2015-2016.

Graphic designer, Al Sham Advertising, Dubai, 2013-2014.